We work right across an organization providing services that touch on all elements concerned with leadership and talent management. These range from relatively straight-forward interventions, such as assessment – through to sensitive change management and culture change projects that will impact the entire organisation.
Generally speaking, our consultancy interventions can be grouped under three main headings (click to find out more)

Clients engage us when they seek external expertise, objectivity and rigour. We help clients in many ways, including:

  • Supporting critical hiring and leadership appointments. When a short-list of candidates may look the same on paper – our leadership assessments provide deep insights that help determine cultural fit, future potential and also uncovering blind spots and development areas.
  • Efficiently deploying development spend. When it comes to internal promotion and development, our objective leadership assessments help clients to make informed choices.
  • Developing leaders. Our 1:1 executive coaching can unlock a leader’s potential and pay huge dividends for the organization. The more senior an individual becomes – the more ‘lonely’ their role often is. Our coaching provides a highly developmental environment that can take individuals from good to great, supporting them to overcome blockers and to reach their full potential.
  • M&A. When companies merge, cultures often clash. Our expertise in corporate culture and OD is valued by clients in this area.