Human behavior is not determined by chance. Determining factors such as motives, values, beliefs and experiences characterize a behavior and lead to individual behavioral patterns that prove to be quite stable over time.

These behavioral patterns describe how a person typically pursues their goals and interests, works on their tasks, and interacts with other people.

These patterns also reveal this person’s characteristic strengths and development areas, which, like two sides of the same coin, do not appear independently of each other and jointly constitute personality. Here is where our consulting services begin:

Potential analysis

In the potential analysis, we systematically and thoroughly analyze a leader’s individual "melody of life" and its associated characteristic behavioral patterns.

During feedback, we use our knowledge to guide the leader towards self-reflection through precise yet empathetic feedback. We encourage them to reflect on and deal with their individual motives for their actions and to sharpen their awareness of their own impact on their environment. We discuss with the leader how they can use their strengths in a constructive way and to live out their development areas in a well-controlled way and to overcome them through purposeful development.

This process will enable the supervisor to learn about the suitability of a leader for a particular role or task in the company, which additional potentials they bring, and which specific measures are recommended to promote the leaders in their personal development and to ensure their success.


Our coaching initiatives incite leaders to set goals for their individual development on the basis of a detailed and particularized self-image and to consistently drive their development process forward. We encourage them to try out new behaviors and to test their suitability for everyday use and their specific benefit for the development process. By evaluating the development progress, we ensure that learning outcomes are made transparent and are documented.

OGP 360° Feedback

Even if a leadership model is efficient - nobody is perfect. Every leader has individual strengths and development areas which define their personality. Concrete and accurate feedback helps the leader to become aware of their impact and motivates them to develop.

The OGP 360° Feedback is an effective tool to initiate and steer this development process. For this purpose, a leadership profile and success factors relevant to the activity is worked out together with the client and the success factors relevant to the activity. The basis of the profile and the success factors is the company’s corporate strategy. This profile is then used to generate items for the OGP 360° feedback. The survey will be carried out online.

The OGP consultant discusses the 360° results with the participant and prompts him to engage in a self-critical examination of the content. The participant is encouraged to do a realistic comparison of self-image and other people’s perception and to help identify concrete goals for personal development.

Representative Services

1:1 Assessment

We are well known for our 1:1 assessment work with senior executives. Whether it’s supporting recruitment for a new role, or for development or promotion – clients value the insights we provide through our ‘deep dive’ assessments. As well as being able to pinpoint spike strengths and working styles, we also uncover blind spots and development areas.

For the client – these insights are invaluable, significantly helping mitigate against the cost of a bad hire.
For the individual – feedback consistently tells us that the process feels highly development.

Assessment & Development Centers

As well as 1:1 assessment, we support clients with larger assessment center projects for specific campaigns. Clients value the objectivity we bring and our long track record of expertise in this area. Depending on client need, we are able to fully design and deliver the assessment center. We ensure that for individuals the entire process feels development, even if they are unsuccessful.

Executive Coaching

1:1 executive coaching of senior leaders is one of our key services. Very often we will be commissioned to provide coaching after a senior assessment has taken place. When doing so, we are able to help executives unlock their potential and work through blind-spots and development areas identified during the assessment.

For clients, the return on investment with 1:1 coaching can be considerable. In all of our coaching work we ensure that the process is business-focused with tangible goals and outputs agreed at the outside. We also measure change throughout the process.

Consultant-supported Assessment by Line Manager

On some occasions clients wish to conduct an assessment themselves, but with the additional support of an assessment expert. As well as helping upskill internal assessment capability, our experienced assessors can advise on assessment format and best practice.