Each organization lives from its experiences and over time develops its own unique character that manifests itself in the corporate culture. The corporate culture gives the participants orientation and ensures stability.

However, in order to secure and strengthen their competitiveness and future viability, organizations are also regularly faced with the task of changing and developing.

Changes might occur in using technological advances, establishing new business models, gaining access to additional markets, generating additional growth, boosting profitability, or responding to changing employee needs and interests.

Regardless of the specific occasion for a reorganization, it is necessary that the change process is conducted with care and prudence. At the beginning the question is how thinking and acting of the participants must change, so that the organization can realize new goals. It is not just about the acceptance of new goals and structures and the successful implementation of new processes by those affected. Values and attitudes and thus the culture of the organization must also be reconciled with the new orientation.

Fields of activity

We support our clients in organizational development in complex change projects such as:

  • Merger integration
  • Strategic realignment
  • Internationalization / Globalization
  • Management or employee buy-out
  • Restructuring / Refurbishment